Inspirational Speaker & Teacher

Forgiveness Rabble-Rouser

Lisa Fierer is a dynamic speaker, an accredited “Master” Yoga teacher and a forgiveness rabble-rouser. In 15 years of speaking and teaching everywhere from Lululemon to Harley Davidson to Glide, she has inspired over 20,000 people to embrace the power of forgiveness.

Lisa’s own path towards forgiveness started in a state of rage. After losing her mother to domestic violence, Lisa got angry, got addicted, got clean, and got started on a path that transformed her from a punkass (the kind who stole something and helped you look for it) to an inspirational teacher. Along the way she discovered a new ‘f-word,’ forgiveness.

‘Fierer (fear) Less, Forgive More’ 

Now, Lisa trains people and companies to cultivate the #1 skill needed to reduce stress and increase productivity: Forgiveness. With her proven method of:  Fear Less – Forgive More, Lisa uses humor, storytelling, and yogic principles to teach people and companies how to let go of beliefs holding us back and find lightness in body, mind, and work.

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