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My journey to forgiveness began with the murder of my mother at the hands of my father.

Growing up in Morton, Illinois, called the “City of beautiful homes”, Lisa Fierer had an almost perfect life. She was the youngest of four children born to Joshua, her well-respected pathologist father and her opera singer mother, Mary. But one day in December, 1984, her life was changed forever. Called out of class to the principal’s office, Lisa was told that her mother had been killed and her father had been arrested for the crime.

Over the next twenty years, Lisa battles through school, addiction, relationships and various forms of self-destruction. Along the way she learns that the effects of loss, violence and betrayal create a deep desire for something different. Her journey takes her to doing yoga while sitting on her Harley, lost in the wilds of Wyoming, to the experience of death and rebirth in the Native American ceremony of Sundance, to mountain biking with elephants in Thailand, to the banks of the Ganges where she finally lets her Father’s ashes go.

thirst: a memoir (working title) is on KICKSTARTER!

Over ten years in the making.

Lisa Fierer’s stunning memoir, thirst: a memoir (working title), is closer than ever to finding its way out into the world. Help Lisa bring this masterwork to life by joining her on KICKSTARTER!

thirst: a memoir (working title) is about the distance between the lives we are given and the lives we choose. It’s a story about survival, hope, yoga, self-discovery and the tremendous support of compassionate communities. It touches the part of each of us that longs for the healing power of laughter, the transformative force of forgiveness and the bravery required to learn to love again.

Lisa Fierer approaches the work of writing about pain, forgiveness, and resilience with honesty and insight. Her work is fueled by her need to tell this story—and it’s one we all can learn from even if we have not experienced such tragedy.

Doug Schnitzspahn, Editor-in-chief, Elevation Outdoors 

To find light in the darkest places is almost beyond comprehension, but to find forgiveness, is nothing short of amazing. Lisa Fierer has bravely excavated her family’s history to expose her father’s violence and abuse, and yet somehow manages to emerge with a sense of lightness that encourages us to forgive and be lighter, too.

Tania Katan, Author of Creative Trespassing

Sneak Peek

Excerpt from Chapter 1 of thirst: a memoir (working title)

Fragments of bone and flakes of ash filled my hands. The humidity of India in August fusing the viscous powder to my skin. I wanted to fling it off my fingers, shake the sludge from my hands and at the same time, clutch onto it forever. These ashes and fragments were all that was left of my father. Even though I’d spent most of my 34 years of life hating him, letting go of him felt like the hardest thing I would ever do. 

As I stood on the edge of the Ganges river, about to release my father to the water, I remembered my Sanskrit teacher Katyayani had once told me that, “The Ganga is sacred. When you release the ashes of the deceased into the River, it frees the karmic load of your ancestors for seven generations past and seven generations into the future.” If anyone needed freedom from his karmic load, it was my father. 

Honestly, I didn’t want to go back to those painful parts. I felt so isolated and alone in the process of losing my mom to domestic violence, and everything that followed. In many ways, it feels as though this book chose me.

Lisa Fierer

Forgiveness Revolution

It’s such a strange time for so many of us. We’re talking about “safe at home” with the pandemic, and it’s extraordinary how many people are not safe at home. I feel such a sense of urgency about getting this book out. We must do what we can to increase awareness of the prevalence of domestic violence, especially now with domestic violence on the rise.

With your help, I hope to gather enough funding to release this story into the world. And I’ll be stoked if some aspect of my story ignites a Forgiveness Revolution — an opportunity to look at the places in each of our lives where resentment or regret holds us back from living our most awesome life. 

To all taking the time to read this, I extend a big virtual hug. Thank you. Thank you for your support of me, of this project. 

Gratefully, Lisa Fierer

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