Lisa was led to take her first yoga class in 1999, a recommended remedy to a bodybuilding injury. She found that yoga brought not only physical healing, but also the opportunity for a more meaningful connection with herself and others. In 2006 she enrolled in a training program to become a yoga teacher. Lisa has since acquired over 1000 hours of training. As a teacher, Lisa strives to guide students towards the divine wisdom that lies within each and every one of us.

Through the doorway of yoga, Lisa began to study Sanskrit.  In 2009, Lisa completed an 18 month immersion utilizing Sanskrit in teaching Yoga. She leads the Sanskrit portion of Yoga Teacher Trainings throughout Colorado and the U.S.

Lisa is trained in many styles of yoga, and has studied with Matthew Sanford in Adaptive Yoga, which makes yoga accessible to people who are differently-abled. She has taught yoga at Detox Centers, through Phoenix Multisport, bringing the practice to people recovering from substance abuse, and supporting the recovery of body, mind, and spirit. In addition, Lisa teaches for The Yoga Pod, Colorado Athletic Club, Rocky Mountain Paddleboards (Standup Paddleboard Yoga), and CorePower Yoga Studios.


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