StandUp Paddleboard Merchandise

As a pioneer in SUP and SUP Yoga throughout the Rocky Mountain region for the past decade and ambassador to numerous Paddleboard companies, I have the opportunity to test lots of equipment. Here are some of the products I recommend.*

—Lisa Fierer

StandUp Inflatable Boards


This is my top recommendation here!

Incredible construction and all around performance. Voted Best SUP for limited storage by Adventure Junkies, June 2019. Comes with carbon fiber paddle and roller bag. Available in either 10 feet or 11 feet length. 


Great all around board and accessories at a great price! Solid construction, 11 feet in length, 30 inches wide. This free flow paddleboard SUP features (3) bottom panel fins for speed, hassle-free steering, and maneuverability so you can glide and skim the water like a sea creature


Longer board, travels more easily through the water. 11’6 length, 32 inches wide provides stability as well as touring power. Fun graphics!


10’6″ length, 32 inches wide makes a good starter board that’s fairly lightweight. 


Triple bottom fins for easier maneuvering through the water. 10 feet length, 30 inches wide; a smaller profile board. Nice color selections. 

StandUp Hard Boards

Peak Navigator

This hard board (epoxy) has a nice, smooth ride! For those with room to store and transport a hard board, it’s a fantastic option. Well paired with the SUP Taxi that can adjust to any crossbars/ roof rack. Comes in splendid colors, too! 


Paddle quality is as important as board quality; particularly for shoulder health. 


Great design at a great price!

Leader Accessories

I really liked the flat bottom blade design; maximizes movement through the water!

PaddleBoard Accessories

Electric Inflator

One of the most important add-on accessories! This one is specially designed for SUP inflating; comes with all the necessary attachments and 12V to attach to your car outlets.

Life Jacket Belt Pack

Most bodies of water require PFD (personal flotation device) compliance. For those comfortable in and around water, this fanny pack is the easiest, and best option!

Polarized Sunglasses

Highly recommend these lightweight, great fitting, polarized sunglasses.

Roof Rack

Having this has made my life infinitely better! Easy to install, use, and with locks, makes board transportation one less to worry about. 

Swimwear / SUPwear


From the leader in SUP, swim, surfwear, this suit has a flattering fit.


50+ UPF provides comfortable coverage from sun exposure. Rashguards are excellent for ocean, river and cooler paddles. 


This water top is reversible! Such an awesome two-in-one way for both water/ land workouts and play. 


Carve Desgins has a vast array of interchangeable tops and bottoms; great fit and function!

*Please note: The product links above are affiliate links. I will earn a small commission if you buy from one of these links, at no additional cost to you. This helps me continue to provide Yoga and Forgiveness classes, seminars and leadership. I appreciate your support! 

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