Lisa came to be a student and a teacher of Sanskrit, quite by accident. When she enrolled in her first Yoga Teacher Training in 2005, Lisa sought out a Sanskrit Workshop so she could, “sound like she knew what she was doing.” What happened in that short afternoon was the spark of a lifelong love affair with the sacred Language of Yoga. After earning certification in an 18 month Immersion: Sanskrit for Yoga Teachers, Lisa continued her studies and traveled to the motherland of Sanskrit, India. In 2007, with the blessing of her Sanskrit teacher, Lisa began leading Sanskrit for Yoga Teacher Trainings throughout Colorado. She continued her studies through Luminous Shabda, with Manorama D’Alvia. Lisa leads the Sanskrit portion of teacher trainings for: Yoga Pod, CorePower Yoga, Figure Yoga, Full Circle Yoga and more!


Gayatri Mantra chanted by Lisa Fierer


Maha Mrituunjaya Mantra chanted by Lisa Fierer

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